Castle Blackmarsh

The following content was contributed by Rob Conley of Bat in the Attic Games.

Castle Blackmarsh Establishments

1) Blackmarsh Castle

The castle is currently under occupation by the Greywood Elves. They maintain sole control to prevent former allies of Atacyl Oathbinder from gaining access to the lower levels. They do not have the manpower to clear the dungeons. They will allow adventuring parties who have the recommendation of the Blackmarsh Rangers or the Temple of Thor to enter. The elves have an arrangement with the Temple of Thor to provide healing at good rates for those that require it.

2) Temple of Thoth

This once glorious temple to the God of Knowledge has fallen into decay. The near destruction of the society of magic-users and scholars by Actacyl has left little for donations to maintain the grounds and buildings. Much of their income comes from charging for access to their extensive library of magic, legend, and lore.

3) Temple of Thor

This temple was established soon after the fall of Actacyl. With their allies, the Blackmarsh Rangers, they rid the town of the many magical traps, devices, and creatures left behind. Since then they have been the most popular temple with the hall packed on holy days. They actively seek out newcomers and encourage them to form adventuring parties. They will either send them to the elves to explore Castle Blackmarsh or into the surrounding countryside to respond to the many requests for aid.

4) Merry Legs Banquet Hall

This is the largest banquet hall in Castle Blackmarsh. Unlike the Viz Club it is not exclusive and any adventuring party that is willing to pay its fees may make use of the main hall and the many private dining rooms. It also makes suites of 3 to 4 rooms available to rent for parties needing a place to stay. During the evening hours, merchants, caravan masters, and ship captains dine and drink in the main hall seeking business opportunities. Starting an hour after sunset the floor show starts, it features singing bards, dancing wenches, and juggling dwarves.

5) The Scholar’s Inn

This is the largest inn in town. It has an extensive library that is open to patrons. It doesn’t have the depth of the library at the Temple of Thoth, but it has more current material. Nearly half of the rooms are rented to what remains of the Blackmarsh Guild of Wizards. Survivors of Actayl’s reign and the elven takeover have congregated here to restart the guild. However, the town’s mistrust has hindered their recovery.

6) The Viz Club

This is a banquet hall open to members only. Only elite explorers and adventurers are invited and the yearly fees are said to be ruinous. However, membership gives access to information and lore found nowhere else. The few that are invited gladly pay.

7) Dax Brothers Outfitters

Founded by two brothers five decades ago, this is the premier shop to buy equipment in the Blackmarsh region. They import the best from the Grand Kingdom and beyond. Their prices are 20% higher than normal, but the equipment’s quality gives a +1 or +5% bonus to dice rolls involving their use. The Dax Brothers long passed away long ago and currently a large group of cousins are involved in running the store. Many of them are overseas or scattered throughout the Blackmarsh region looking for the latest goods to bring back to the shop.

8) Emporium of the Strange and Arcane

Not all magic-users in Blackmarsh struggled after the fall of Actacyl and the takeover by the Elves. Thil the Cowled proved himself an ally of the elves and the Blackmarsh Rangers and became one of the first adventurers to become rich from exploring the dungeons beneath the castle. After retiring from adventuring, he established the emporium to buy and trade magic items. Now 102 years old, he leaves the day-to-day operation to his apprentices, but will still participate in negotiations for high value items.

Adventurers will find that there is an 80% chance that magic items worth 1,000 GP or lower can be found in stock. For items up to 5,000 GP value there is a 20% chance of being in stock. For more valuable items, these are auctioned off every quarter at the Viz Club. For non-members there is a 1,000 GP entrance fee.

9) The Abrams Company

John Abrams is the most successful ship magnate in the Blackmarsh region and one of the leading trading companies on the Grey Sea. He owns over two dozen ships of various sizes, ranging from one-mast coasters to caravels capable of crossing the vast distances to the Golden Shore beyond the Sunrise Sea. With a recommendation, he will let an adventuring party charter one of his ships.

10) The Blackmarsh Company of Adventurers

The Company of Adventurers is largest company of caravanmasters in the Blackmarsh region. They organize overland caravans to Greywood, the Duchy of the Ostrobards, Newcombe Shire, and into Southland. Matthew Thanes is the latest Captain General to lead the company and is always on the lookout for new members to join as merchants, scouts, or guards.

11) The Company of Honorable Men

Actacyl’s reign dispossessed many wealthy and noble inhabitants of Blackmarsh. Driven into hiding, they attempted to strike back at the Oathbinder’s tyranny. In subsequent decades their descendents became little better than a group of organized thugs. Today, they gladly aid those who are discontented with the rule of the elves while running their illicit operation for financial gain.