Weight and Movement

Weight is listed in pounds. A normal level of miscellaneous equipment (not including armor and weapons) is assumed to weigh 10 pounds. Treasure is added to this, with each coin and gem weighing one tenth of a pound. These are big, heavy coins and gems, but that is just the way of things in a fantasy world. Coins should clink, and gems should be the size of dice.

All characters, depending on the weight of the armor and equipment they are carrying, have a base movement rate as follows:

Weight Carried* Base Movement Rate
UP to 75 pounds 12
76-100 pounds 9
101-150 pounds 6
151-300 pounds (300 pound maximum) 3

*Carry Modifier (from Strength, if any, is added to the total. For example, an adventurer with a Carry Modifier of +10 can carry up to 85 pounds before dropping from a Movement Rate of 12 to a Movement Rate of 9, while a person with a Carry Modifier of -10 would drop to a Movement Rate of 9 even if carrying only 66 pounds of equipment.

Table: Indoor, Underground, and City Movement
Description Speed Results
Walking Base Movement Rate times 20 feet/turn Mapping and careful observation of the surroundings are possible.
Running Base Movement Rate times 40 feet/turn No mapping permitted.
Characters are automatically surprised and have no chance to surprise others.
The sound of running may attract the attention of enemies.
Combat Base movement rate divided by 3, times ten feet, is how far the character can move in one round. Thus:
Base movement of 6 = 20ft
Base movement of 9 = 30ft
Base movement of 12 = 40ft
Dashing around, battling your foes.
Alternatively, running for your life.
Table: Outdoor Movement
Description Speed Results
Hiking Base movement rate in miles/day No force marched checks required.
Forced March Double base movement rate in miles/day Forced march checks required once per day. (4d6 vs. Strength)
Combat Base movement rate divided by 3, times ten yards (not feet), is how far the character can move in one round. Battling your foes, or running for your life.