Defenses: The player-character Dwarf has a +4 on saving throws against any magic.

Stone Sense: Dwarfs easily takes note of certain features of stonework: sloping corridors, moving walls, and traps made of stone – in particular: falling blocks, rigged ceilings, and tiny arrow slits designed to release poison gas or darts. They can also identify whether stonework is recent or not. There is no established die roll or rule for using these abilities; exactly what a Dwarf does or does not perceive is up to the Referee.

Darkvision: Dwarfs can see in the dark to a limit of 60 feet.

Classes: Dwarven player characters must be Fighters or Fighter-Thieves. Multi-classed Fighter-Thieves are limited to 6th level as Fighters, and may not advance beyond this point. (For more information on multi-classed Characters, see below.) A Dwarf who is purely a Fighter may advance beyond 6th level only if the warrior has Strength of 17 (maximum 7th level) or 18 (maximum 8th level). Such a Fighter may also take advantage of any XP bonus due to a high Strength score to gain experience more quickly. Dwarfs that are not player-Characters might have completely different limitations or abilities than player-Character Dwarven adventurers, as determined by the Referee. In particular, dwarven Fighter-Clerics exist, with the ability to reach as high as 7th level as a Cleric, and the Referee might choose to allow such a class to players.