As a Paladin, you are a resolute warrior against Chaos and evil, and a stalwart defender of Law. You might resemble the “knight in shining armor,” or you might be a grim, deadly veteran of the dark and desperate war against the foul powers of Chaos. In either case, you are wholly dedicated to the eradication of Chaos and the protection of civilization. You defend the weak from tyranny, fight injustice where you find it, and hunt down those who are tainted with the demonic mark of Chaos. Most Paladins are members of an order of knights, or are attached to the service of a temple of Law, although some of them operate as “knights errant,” following the guidance of higher powers toward the places where Law battles Chaos.

Prime Attribute: Strength 13+ (the character gains a +5% experience bonus if their Prime Attribute is 13 or higher.)
Hit Dice: 1d8/level (a Paladin gains 2 hp/level after 9th.)
Armor/Shield Permitted: Paladins are able to use any armor or shield effectively.
Weapons Permitted: Paladins are able to use all weapons equally effectively.
Race: Only humans may be Paladins.

Table: Paladin Advancement
Level Experience Points Required for Level Hit Dice (d8)* Saving Throw
1 0 1 12
2 2,000 2 11
3 4,000 3 10
4 8,000 4 9
5 16,000 5 8
6 32,000 6 7
7 64,000 7 6
8 128,000 8 5
9 256,000 9 4
10 350,000 9+2 hp 3
11 450,000 9+4 hp 2
12 550,000 9+6 hp 2
13 650,000 9+8 hp 2
14 750,000 9+10 hp 2
15 850,000 9+12 hp 2
16 950,000 9+14 hp 2
17 1,050,000 9+16 hp 2
18 1,150,000 9+18 hp 2
19 1,250,000 9+20 hp 2
20 1,350,000 9+22 hp 2
21+ +100,000 per level +2 hp/level 2

Requirements and Limitations

Must be Lawful

Paladins must be of Lawful alignment or they will revert to the abilities of a normal Fighter.

Restricted Magic Items

Paladins may own a suit of magic armor, a magic shield, and up to 3 magical weapons, but they may own no more than four additional magic items. Paladins can use any magic items that can normally be used by Fighters.

Must be Charitable

Other than whatever is needed for food and shelter, a Paladin must donate all treasure to charities or temples associated with the Lawful alignment.

Limited Alliances

Paladins will not work with characters other than those of Lawful alignment unless ordered to do so by a superior officer of the Paladin’s order, by a Lawful prince, or by the high priest of a Lawful temple.

Class Abilities

Divine Favor

Although Paladins do not receive a class-based saving throw bonus, they have better saving throw chances than any other character class due to the divine influence of Law. If the Referee is using an alternate saving throw system, it is important to take this into account: Paladins should generally have base saving throw “target numbers” 2 points better than those of a regular Fighter.

Lay on Hands

A Paladin can “lay on hands” once per day to cure others of 2 hit points of damage per level of the Paladin, or to cure disease. If the other person is afflicted by more than one disease, only one of these will be affected per five levels the Paladin has attained.

Immune to Disease

Paladins are immune to all diseases.


At any level, the character may summon a warhorse that will arrive from the wilderness to serve as the Paladin’s steed. This warhorse will be unusually intelligent and extremely strong (5 HD). However, if the horse is killed, the Paladin may not summon another within a period of ten game-years.

Dispel Evil

Starting at 8th level, the Paladin can dispel evil, as per the Clerical spell.

Detect Evil

Starting at 8th level, the Paladin can detect evil as per the Clerical spell, at a range of 60 feet.

Establish Stronghold

At 9th level, the Paladin may build a stronghold, a small castle from which to attack the forces of Chaos and support the often-embattled defenders of Law. A Paladin’s castle may not be built as a sprawling fortress; it must be no greater than is necessary to house the paladin’s retainers and one or two hundred soldiers at the maximum,