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Magical Research

Magical research is another area in which higher-level characters will begin to grow beyond the scope of the rules. Even fairly low-level Magic-users may want to develop new spells, and higher-level Magic-users might become involved in all kinds of research from potion formulae to creating magical items, to creating golems, to breeding monsters. In general, the details of such projects are left to the Referee; they will certainly be expensive, and will probably involve finding books of lost lore (yup, in dungeons, although perhaps the Wizard has henchmen to retrieve them by this point) and strange components ranging from eye of newt up to the heart of a dragon. Special laboratories might be required, as might the services of a hired alchemist or sage. Remember that new spells should be carefully reviewed to make sure they aren’t too powerful—the spell’s level should reflect the spell’s power. If a spell turns out to be unexpectedly powerful to the point where it endangers the game, it is always the referee’s prerogative to protect the game by adjusting the level of the new spell.