You are a warrior, trained in battle and in the use of armor and weapons. Perhaps you are a ferocious Viking raider, a roaming samurai, a dashing swashbuckler, a deadly swordswoman, or a chivalrous knight. Whatever type of Fighter you choose to play, you will probably end up on the front lines of your adventuring party—going toe-to-toe with dragons, goblins, and evil cultists, hacking your way through them and taking the brunt of their attacks. The Fighter character is best-equipped of all the character classes to dish out damage and absorb it, too. Clerics heal and Magic-Users cast spells, but the down-and-dirty, hack-and-slash work is generally up to you. You are going to serve as the party’s sword and shield, protecting the weaker party members and taking down the enemies before you. Perhaps one day they will tell legends of your battle prowess, and followers will flock to your castle stronghold where you revel in your fame, riches, and newly earned nobility. Fail, of course, and you will die, just another forgotten warrior in a dangerous world. It should go without saying that female Fighters are as deadly and as skillful as their male counterparts – and in the fantasy worlds of Swords & Wizardry, they are also much more common than in the history of our own world.

Prime Attribute: Strength 13+ (the character gains a +5% experience bonus if their Prime Attribute is 13 or higher.)
Hit Dice: 1d8/level (a Fighter gains 2 hp/level after 9th.)
Armor/Shield Permitted: Fighters are able to use any armor or shield effectively.
Weapons Permitted: Fighters are able to use any weapon effectively.
Race: Any race may become Fighters.

Table: Fighter Advancement
Level Experience Points Required for Level Hit Dice (d8)* Saving Throw
1 0 1 14
2 2,000 2 13
3 4,000 3 12
4 8,000 4 11
5 16,000 5 10
6 32,000 6 9
7 64,000 7 8
8 128,000 8 7
9 256,000 9 6
10 350,000 9+2 hp 5
11 450,000 9+4 hp 4
12 550,000 9+6 hp 4
13 650,000 9+8 hp 4
14 750,000 9+10 hp 4
15 850,000 9+12 hp 4
16 950,000 9+14 hp 4
17 1,050,000 9+16 hp 4
18 1,150,000 9+18 hp 4
19 1,250,000 9+20 hp 4
20 1,350,000 9+22 hp 4
21+ +100,000 per level +2 hp/level 4

Class Abilities

Multiple Attacks

A Fighter may make one attack per Fighter level he possesses each round against creatures with 1 HD or less.


Fighters with a Dexterity score of 14 or better can fight on the defensive, parrying enemy blows and dodging attacks, as shown on Table: Fighter Parrying Ability below.

Table: Fighter Parrying Ability
Dexterity Score Penalty to Enemy Attacks
14 -1
15 -2
16 -3
17 -4
18 -5
Strength Bonuses

Unlike most other classes, Fighters with a high Strength score can have bonuses to hit and on damage.

Establish Stronghold (9th)

At 9th level, a Fighter may establish a stronghold and attract a body of men-at-arms who will swear their loyalty to the character as their liege Lord (or Lady). Most likely, the castle will attract peasants seeking safe places to establish homes, and the Fighter will become more powerful and influential as the number of such followers increases. The stronghold will likely be a small territory carved from the wilderness, held as a freehold by the self-ennobled character.

Taking the Vows of a Paladin

A Fighter of Lawful alignment may at any time take on the vows of a Paladin, and become a member of that class, provided the character has a Charisma of at least 17. The Referee will decide how to handle such matters as the level, hit dice, and experience points the character has after making this change; it is strongly recommended that the character not actually gain experience points by changing classes, however.