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(3pp) Cultist

Prime Attribute: Charisma 13+ (the character gains a +5% experience bonus if their Prime Attribute is 13 or higher.)
Hit Dice: 1d6+1 (Cultists gain +2 hp per level after 9th level.)
Armor/Shield Permitted: Cultists may wear light or medium armor, but may not use shields.
Weapons: Cultists are proficient with clubs, crossbows, daggers, maces, and shortswords
Skills: Cultists are skilled at feats of endurance and influence, disguise, local lore, religious lore, and stealth.
Alignment: Cultists must be Neutral or Chaotic.

Table: Cultist Advancement
Level Experience Points
Required for Level*
Dice (d6)
Class Features Spells per Day
1 2 3 4 5 6
1 0 1+1 +0 15 Ritual Support +1, Spell Casting, Summon Minion
2 2,500 2+2 +1 14
3 5,000 3+3 +2 13 Ritual Support +2, Spell Casting 1
4 10,000 4+4 +2 12
5 20,000 5+5 +3 11
2 1
6 35,000 6+6 +4 10 Ritual Support +3 3 2
7 50,000 7+7 +4 9 Initiate 3 2 1
8 75,000 8+8 +5 8
3 3 2
9 100,000 9+9 +6 7 Establish Shrine, Ritual Support +4 4 3 2 1
10 200,000 9+11 +6 6
4 3 3 2
11 100,000 9+13 +7 5
4 4 3 2 1
12 200,000 9+15 +8 4 Ritual Support +5 4 4 3 3 3

Class Abilities

Ritual Support

At 1st level a cultist can add this number to the Summon Minion roll of a cultist of higher level. A cultist cannot summon their own minions while supporting another.

Summon Minion

1st level cultists have the ability to summon an other-dimensional minion of their patron. This ability can be used at will, but each successive summoning after the first in a day inflicts a -2 penalty to the cultist’s duration and summoning rolls. The cultist must roll a saving throw to dismiss a demonic servant before its duration expires; on a failed save, the demonic servant remains until the end of its duration, but turns on and attacks the cultist. A cultist cannot summon another servant without dismissing the first, except as noted below.

To summon a cult minion, the cultist rolls 2d6 to determine how many rounds the cult minion will remain. The cultists then makes a summoning roll on 2d8 and checks the result on the table below, first finding their level reading down to find the result equal or less than their summoning roll, and then reading across to find the total Challenge Level of the summoned creature. A result of 0 or less on the final result (2d8 + modifiers) means the summoning fails.

A demonic servant has HD equal to its Challenge Level, an Armor Class bonus equal to its HD, and a move speed of 12 [30’]. Attack bonus and saving throw as a monster of the same HD. The demonic servant has two attacks, which each inflict 1d4 points of damage if the servant has 3HD or less, 1d6 damage if it has 7HD or less, and 1d8 damage if it has 8 or more Hit Dice. The basic demonic servant has no special abilities, is of low intelligence, and never appears with equipment.

The cultist can chose to summon a weaker servant with special abilities. Each patron has a number of special abilities that demonic servants can receive, and cultists can sometimes discover the secret to different, non-standard abilities. The cost of the abilities is added onto the servant’s Challenge Level to determine the demonic servants’s total CL. A servant’s HD must be at least half of its CL, except as noted below. A list of special abilities is given below. Other special abilities can be derived from existing monsters, subject to the Referee’s judgment.

If the cultist chooses to summon a weaker creature than his roll allows, a result of † means the demonic servant has one extra +1 CL ability. If the result is ‡, the servant has extra special abilities totaling +2 CL. If the result is £, the cultist can summon his level in demonic servants of that HD, all with a bonus +1 CL special ability (all minions have the same special ability). If the result is ?, the cultist can summon a horde of demonic servants: twice his level in minions of that HD, all with a bonus +1 CL special ability (all minions have the same special ability).

There is a small chance (no greater than 1% per HD) that an avatar of the patron chooses to manifest in place of the demonic servant. The avatar automatically has 12 HD and +8 CL in special abilities. The avatar requires at least 1 HD per round in sacrifices to remain manifested, and it is not particularly picky about where the sacrifices come from. Cultists willingly sacrifice themselves to maintain the avatar; a newly manifested avatar typically consumes the essence of a cultist the first round it appears to gain enough power to last at least a few rounds (it can completely consume a willing sacrifice in a single round). This is one reason why more powerful cultists surround themselves with lesser followers at all times.


Lothqua the White is a 4th level cultist. He rolls 2d6 for duration, and gets a 7, which isn’t bad. He rolls 2d8 for his summoning roll, and gets a total of 13. Finding his level (5) on the top bar and reading down, he finds he can summon a CL 5 demonic servant, which is pretty good. (Lothqua gets CL 6 on a result of 13 or greater; if the summoning roll had been 16, he could have a CL 7 creature.) Lothqua decides to keep things simple, and summons a basic CL 6 demonic servant (6 HD, 4 [15] AC, two attacks at +6 to hit and 1d6 damage, 11 save). The demonic servant appears at the beginning of the next round and remains for 7 rounds before disappearing.

Lothqua needs to summon another demonic servant later that day. He’s already summoned one, so his duration and summoning rolls both have a -2 penalty. He rolls 2d6-2 for the duration and gets a final result of 4. He rolls 2d8-2 for summoning, and gets a total of 14 – the highest he can get with a -2 penalty! This time he needs something sneaky, so he opts for a 3 HD demonic servant and three +1 CL special abilities: Improved Duration (which increases the duration to 8 rounds); a spell-like power (invisibility), and a special movement power (moving silently). He couldn't lower the HD any further, because HD must be at least half of CL, and his next attempt will have a -4 penalty to duration and summoning.

Aykol Adzurum is the 12th level high cultist of Malis, the patron of lies and deception. He summons a demonic servant and gets a duration of 5 and a summoning roll of 12, easily good enough for a CL 12 demonic servant. He could also take a 10HD servant with +2 CL of special abilities; a 9 HD servant with +4 CL of special abilities (9 HD + 3 CL = 12, +1 CL bonus because of the † result); a 7 HD servant with +6 CL of special abilities (7HD + 5 CL = 12, +2 CL bonus due to the ‡ result); twelve 4 HD demonic servants with a single special ability, or twenty-four 1 HD demonic servants with a +1 CL special ability.